I appreciate Andrew Amondson as a filmmaker, an artist and a friend. He is utterly reliable and thoughtful. His calming presence and genuine interest in people have made him invaluable to the films we made together.
— Wim Wenders

I'm from an island called Vashon near Seattle. I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Boston University in acting. While in India with my older brother, trying to make it big in Bollywood, we decided Los Angeles might be easier. We started out producing student films at UCLA and drawing storyboards for the studios before I made my own way working in documentaries.

As a producer, director and creative, I bring over 20 years of experience in documentaries and narrative film to every project I commit to. I often shoot or record sound to stay close to subjects, whether it's for docs, non-scripted television, commercials or behind the scenes. I am best at connecting with people, creating access and helping others with their ideas. I’ve worked with startups in New York, NGOs, foundations and the International Film Festival in Berlin as well as the major studios in Los Angeles.

Besides my work in film, I consult, collaborate on public art projects, design and draw. I am currently working a few days a week in development and production at Studio Olafur Eliasson.

I am based in Berlin with a home office in Los Angeles.